Karaoke Shell

If you are professional Karaoke DJ or even home Karaoke enthusiast, KaraokeShell will be your paradise tool to organize your media and throw professional Karaoke party that everybody participate and enjoy as never before. Every one in your party can browse your media library on their own smart phones and order songs to sing. Even they don’t need to install any application on the phones. There will be no CDs to change, no song books, no keyboard and mouse, as everything controlled from your tablet or smart phones.


KaraokeShell support all karaoke media types (CDG, KAR, Video Formats), even you can add external players if you like, support any international language libraries, create multi library include and exclude them for specific party. You can add lyrics, wiki and images to you medias, media specific player and configurations. And overall the possibility is endless with KaraokeShell.

Here is some demonstration with simple setup. The demo uses Home Theater PC HTPC for running KaraokeShell on it, Onkyo Reciever for amplification, Yamaha MG82CX mixer for mixing PC sound with Microphone  and sending to Onkyo Receiver.