Youtube Collection Builder

Just not another youtube downloader. Download and organize your youtube library.

YTCB_Screen_2Not only download videos but also organizes it for you. Video searching adding and playing will become easy and you can track video sources you downloaded for your collection. For example you music fan and want to create music library by year based. Lets say you create music video collection “Pop Music 2015”. You start searching at something like “Pops Music 2015”, when results come back you drag and drop, copy paste youtube video, playlist and channel addresses into the Youtube Collection Builder, the application will download all video files for you and create easy to view list. Not just download it will check which one downloaded before, which one is new one. So you dont download same file again and again.







Feature List

  • Downloads individual videos, channel, playlist and User videos
  • Downloads by best video quality
  • Thumb image support
  • Unicode code support, the video title will be same as original youtube title.
  • Title and File name renamer
  • Video Player
  • Unlimited video collection
  • Redownloading new videos from playlist, channel and user videos
  • Keep track of video sources in collection
  • Keeps all collection project history
  • Virus and Ad free


Youtube Demo